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Alphonso monitors & analyzes app reviews in minutes, and tells you everything you need to know about your app.

Review Sentiments

Analyze customer feedback at scale

Customers are leaving more feedback than ever before. App reviews provide valuable insights from real users, like bugs that need to be fixed, features your users want, problems they are facing and overall how they feel about your brand.

Alphonso tracks thousands of reviews and automatically groups them into categories by topic, custom topics, intent and sentiment, making it possible to understand qualitative data.

Identify bugs and feature requests

Using machine learning we analyze every piece of customer review and automatically categorize them by topic, intent & sentiment. Find complaints and feature requests without actually reading reviews.

No manual tagging on spreadsheets.Gather reviews that need immediate reaction.Monitor feedback by features, custom topics and factors that drive sentiment.

Measure and track customer sentiment

Alphonso makes it easy to track shift in customer emotion over time. Understand when and why the customer sentiment to your brand changed.

Visualise customer reactions after your app updates.Prioritise your product roadmap.

Compare your apps with your competitors

Use competitors’ insights to keep your customers happy and away from the competition.

Identify what's good & what's bad about your competiton.Compare app ratings and customer sentiments to your competitors.

In today's world, app loyalty is brand loyalty

Ratings and reviews heavily influence customers’ decision. Most users check ratings and read at least 1 review before they make the decision. Reviews also provide you with valuable insight. Help you improve what's working on your app, fix what isn't, and improve brand experience.

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